Pain Management

Acute neck and back pain comes on suddenly but improves over time. Chronic pain worsens and can last for months.

If you don’t feel better after three to four days, it is time to see your Chiropractor.

Some Treatment Options:

  1. Chiropractic Care restores mobility by manipulation of the spine and other joints. This is best for acute neck and back pain; not for nerve impairment or herniated discs.
  2. Ultrasound “deep heats” the muscles, tendons, and ligaments, relaxing those tissues and dilating blood vessels. This helps decrease pain and speed the healing process.
  3. E-Stim uses electrical current to stimulate the muscles and surrounding tissues. THis can result in decreased pain and an increase in the healing process.
  4. Exercise, such as Yoga, Stretching or Strength Training improves mobility. “Tight muscles are stupid muscles,” and are more prone to injury. Exercise and stretching help keep muscles loose and ready to work correctly. Exercise also helps with both acute and chronic pain by increasing blood flow and stimulating the body’s “repair crew.”
  5. Massage Therapy uses pressure to stretch and stimulate blood circulation to muscles, ligaments and tendons.  This works well for those dealing with chronic pain. We do very limited massage at Minnesota ChiroWorks, but are pleased to refer you to a local therapist of your choice.
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